Are you talking to your donors?

A recent Wall Street Journal article about a $100 million gift from billionaire couple Henry & Marie-Josee Kravis to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reminded me of the simple power of talking to and engaging donors in our work. The article shared how the gift started . . . with a simple conversation:

It grew out of a conversation at a social event 18 months ago between Mr. Kravis and Craig Thompson, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s president and chief executive officer. As the men recall it, when Dr. Thompson described how the emerging ability to analyze the DNA of individual patient’s tumors was changing cancer care, Mr. Kravis asked how Memorial Sloan Kettering could make a unique contribution.

Dr. Thompson told him about the center’s database of more than one million patients, including archived tumor samples and details of care and outcomes, dating back to 1980. Mr. Kravis asked what could be learned from the history of the patients that were already treated.

How has your successful donor engagement led to major gifts? I’d love to hear your success stories in the comments!


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