Do YOU give to your organization?

This recent post from Fundraising Detective raises a very good question: Should fundraisers give to the charity they work for?

As was noted in the post and in some of the comments, I think that fundraisers should consider making a regular gift (of whatever size) to the organization where they work because it is important that you have given before you ask others to do the same (assuming that you are indeed passionate about the work your organization is doing — a prerequisite for fundraisers in my humble opinion).  However, I do understand the argument on the other side about putting in extra hours and going above and beyond your job duties for your organization.

I have made it a point to support the places I have worked as a fundraiser and think it has made me a better fundraiser.  What do you think?  Feel free to comment below and on the Fundraising Detective post.

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  1. Hi Dan – thanks for mentioning my post. As you say, it provoked a really interesting debate and some good points on both sides of the argument.

    In the end it’s a personal choice, but I think the one thing everyone agrees with is that you need to really believe in the cause you work for.



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